Monday, 23 March 2015

Caldecott Piles & Excavates (II)

Excavation works continue at the Caldecott site. 3 layers of struts have been constructed at its deepest point along the Thomson Cripple Siding. The shoring works at Caldecott are especially unique, where the contractor has bored down tubular concrete piles along the centreline of the earth retaining structure. The bore piles acts as columns supporting the horizontal struttings upon the commencement of excavation. With regards to material and method of construction, this is significantly different from the usual practice of an I-beam (aka king post) driven down to form the vertical component of the shoring structure.

Piling works continue closer to the north.

Caldecott Station, T213

Process of the conventional shoring works elaborated in this animation by Hirose (Singapore)

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