Thursday, 16 October 2014

POB Launches @ Napier

The temporary Pedestrian Overhead Bridge is successfully up at Napier Road following 2 nights of beam launching. The segment over the carriageway bound for Orchard was first launched up on Tuesday morning. The second segment of steel was then launched earlier this morning over the westbound road. The temporary bus bay and shelter along the eastbound road is almost completed, and would open anytime soon.

M&E works to the temporary bridge would take place together with the construction of the bridge's staircase from now. The new temporary bridge could possibly be operational by year end, following which the existing bridge would be demolished. This is the second POB to be demolished along the line.

Completion of beam launching along Napier Road this morning

The photos below show the progress of the beam launching throughout the week.
October 13, Monday - Pre-launch of the temp POB. The existing POB at Gleneagles stands in the background
October 14, Tuesday - Orchard bound segment launches; new bus bay on the left
October 16, Thursday - Completed launching of both beams
Existing POB at Gleneagles to be demolished

New bus bay
Columns for the temporary POB

Pre-launch of the holland bound segment

Site progress; 12m high hoardings are being erected in front of MFA
Future road diversion to the left

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  1. These construction projects inevitably took a lot of work and money. All good construction projects do though. I just finished building my home, it looked a lot like this.


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