Sunday, 5 October 2014

Outram Park Assembles

Contract T222 is for the construction of Outram Park station and 2 twin bored tunnels to Havelock and Maxwell. The station is situated on an empty plot of state land north of the existing East West Line. The contract was awarded to Daelim Industrial. They have previously worked under Contract 487 of the Marina Coastal Expressway and this is their second project for the Client.

Site overview
Proposed TSL box parallel to the existing East West line (left)
Outram Park Station
The new station will have a very similar layout to its EWL counterpart. There will be 3 levels - a Concourse, Platform and Transfer level. An additional 2 entrances will be built along Outram Road to complement the existing interchange. Entrance A will be located near Pearl Bank, while Entrance B provide doorstep connectivity to the Health Sciences Authority. The station will be constructed top-down.

A&A to existing RTS
There will be an overhaul in the linkage design within the existing interchange. The new changes include:
- 1 new dedicated NEL-EWL paid link with 4 travellators
- 1 new dedicated NEL-TSL paid link to be extended from the existing NEL-EWL linkage
- 1 new EWL-TSL paid link to be constructed beneath both platforms on the transfer level. 2 new escalators will be installed down from the west end of the existing EWL platform for this linkage.
- 1 new unpaid link between all 3 lines to be constructed on the concourse level with 4 travellators

Outram Road which would see intensive phased traffic diversions to build the new linkages
New Entrance B to be built infront of HSA and enhance connectivity to the interchange station
2 launch shafts will be constructed on either ends of the station box. 2 EPB TBMs will be procured under this contract. The TBMs will do an initial north drive to Havelock station before docking, dismantling and reassembling for the second drives to Maxwell at the south. The alignment of the TSL tunnels to Havelock run directly beneath the existing EWL tunnels for a good 500 meters. A cross passage will be located here. Similar to contract T212 at Upper Thomson, this will be the first time excavation of a tunnel parallel and beneath and existing operational MRT tunnel is being executed here.

Tunnels to Maxwell will go beneath the existing footings of shophouses near Kreta Ayer

Update Progress
The site office has just been completed and is located behind the soon to be demolished Pearls Centre. Works are midway to surface the slab on the site ground. On areas with the completed slab, the bentonite plant and silos have been erected. Trench Cutters are also being assembled on the site.

T222 Site office at 102A Eu Tong Sen St
Pre-assembled trench cutters and erected bentonite silos

T222 Site Office
Pearls Centre - one of the iconic landmarks in the Chinatown district to be torn down for the tunnels to pass under

Pearls Centre - one of the iconic landmarks in the Chinatown district to be torn down for the tunnels to pass under
Entrance B to be located in front of HSA
Entrance A to be built on the west end of the station

Casting the surface slab

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