Saturday, 11 October 2014

Marina Bay Encloses

Contract T226 is for the construction of the new Marina Bay station. The excavated portion will be predominantly divided into 2 sections segregated by the existing North South and Circle Line tunnels. The excavated portion in the south will be for the main station box; the north portion would be for the TBM launch shaft for T225 and an access shaft to facilitate mining activities to link the 2 open cut areas. Extensive underpinning works to the existing RTS is required for the mined section. This is where the ground freezing is designed to be executed.

The new TSL Marina Bay station will have 3 new entrances and 5 basement levels with a formation level 38m deep. Entrance A (integrated with vent shaft 1) and Entrance C will be opposite the existing CCL entrance along Bayfront Avenue and Park Street respectively. Entrance B is located at the future intersection of Sheares Avenue and Park Street.

Existing RTS in Orange/Red, Existing site boundary in yellow, Proposed station box in cyan (Mined tunnels in blue)

Transfers and A&A to Existing RTS
In simplicity, 2 new dedicated connections will be made to the TSL from the existing NSL and CCL stations. The NSL linkage will be an open cut section parallel and west of the NSL station box along the former Marina Station Road. This linkage will be on the level as the NSL concourse B1.

The CCL linkage to be located east of the existing CCL station  along Bayfront Avenue will offer an unpaid and paid section. Located on the same level as the CCL concourse, the design makes use of existing knock out panel provisions made into the CCL station. The south knock out panel will feature the paid link (hence a reconfiguration of faregates within the CCL station). The north panel will feature the unpaid link.

T226 Taisei's site office and LTA's TSL Civil Team 4 project office completed to the west at 20A Park Street
Update Progress
The last 3 months have been spent on site clearing, as well as minor ground improvement works around the site area. 2 clusters of silos have been hoisted up south and west of the proposed station box. 4 crawler cranes, 2 trench cutters and a piling rig has been assembled on the site however no excavation has been taken by the d-wall machines yet.

With the recent closure of the former Marina Street and Marina Station Road, the site area has now been fully enclosed with the old roads cleared of traffic. The site office has been completed around 2 months back. The same building will house the project office of LTA's Thomson Line Civil Team 4. Here's a timeline of progress over the 3rd Quarter.

July 17 - Ground improvement works across the site
July 17 - First cluster of Silos erected to the south
July 17 - Bentonite plant beside the Silos
July 17 - Completed site office structure 
July 17 - 20A Park Street
July 17 - Marina Street
July 17 - Marina Station Road
July 17 - Hoarding up the site at Sheares Avenue with reserved line signs of the existing RTS network beneath
September 18 - 10 days before the closure of Marina St/Station Road
View of the site as of present

Future NSL paid linkage below the former Marina Station Road

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