Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Gardens By The Bay

Preliminary site clearing and ground investigation works have commenced by the contractor at the Gardens by the Bay site.

Contract T228 is for the construction of GRB station and twin tunnels across the channel to Marina East. Serving the other corner of the new downtown at Marina South, Gardens by the Bay station will be built beneath a future 2 lane dual carriageway road that will connect Marina Boulevard and Marina Gardens Drive. The road has yet to be named by the URA. With a fairly simple layout, the station will have a concourse and platform basement levels. Entrances A and B will be located on either sides of the new road. Entrance C to be linked by a subway will be located on a reserved portion of land between the Marina Barrage and Gardens by the Bay.

Entrance C to be built between the Marina Barrage and GBTB 

Tunnelling to Marina East
An EPB Machines will be procured for this contract. The TBM will be driven from a launch shaft east of GRB across the channel. A circular retrieval shaft - named Gardens by the Bay Marina East (GBME) will be built at the edge of Bay East under the contract. The GBME shaft will complement the docking of the TBM from GRB as well as the future E1 Marina East station under the Eastern Region Line project. T228 will handover the GBME shaft to the future ERL contractor throughout the whole of 2018 for the docking of the ERL TBMs before receiving possession of the shaft once again.  An escape shaft will then be constructed within the GBME shaft before it gets backfilled.

The tunnels will be driven straight down across the channel from the GRB launch shaft to GBME (foreground)
GBME Retrieval Shaft
Northern section of GRB
Southern section of GRB

Contract boundary between T227 and T228
Site clearing

Erecting of hoardings in the background

Ground markings around the GBME shaft perimeter

The ERL tunnels will be bored down the road beside the golf course. The E1 ERL station is very likely opposite the F1 pit building 


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  2. Those gardens look really beautiful. You've done some excellent construction work there. I really like how the bridge structure matches the look of the gardens and the surrounding buildings. That's a hard design to mimic. Excellent work!


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