Thursday, 9 October 2014

Shenton Way Begins

Contract T225 is for the construction of Shenton Way station and 2 adjacent twin bored tunnels connecting Maxwell to Marina Bay. The station is located along Park Street on state land south of Asia Square Tower 2.

Shenton Way Station
The station will have 5 levels with formation at about 40m below ground level. The levels are - Subway Linkway (B1), Concourse (B2), Plant Rooms (B3), Upper and Lower platforms (B4/B5). There will be 3 entrances. The main entrance A with vent shafts integrated will be located south of Park Street. Entrances B and C will be located along the future Central Linear Park - empty patches of reserved land for recreational activities to be extended south from the existing Lawn@Marina Bay.

The station will also be directly connected to neighbouring developments such as Asia Sqaure, V on Shenton and the Marina One through the subway link to be part of the future Underground Pedestrian Network (UPN).

Existing site hoarding (yellow), proposed station box (blue)
2 EPB machines will be self manufactured by STEC under this contract. The 2 TBMs will do an initial launch from Shenton Way towards Maxwell before dismantling and relaunching back for the second drives from Marina Bay to Shenton Way. The launch shaft at Shenton Way will be integral to the station box due to space constraints. The launch shaft at Marina Bay will be constructed by T226 and will require a handover process.

Both tunnel drives are in a stacked configuration. For the drives to Maxwell, the Golden Bridge across Shenton Way will be demolished for the extraction of piles along the tunnel route. Further down McCallum St, 2 temporary access shafts will be built for the installation of protection works to the existing EWL tunnels running under Robinson Road. Temporary closure of McCallum St can be expected during the construction.

T225 Site Office along the future Central Linear Park
Update Progress
The structure of the site office is completed and fit out works are underway. Casting of the surface slab is taking place. A hydrofraise, piling rig and 2 crawler cranes currently sit on the site. The bentonite plant and silos are located south of the site.

Close up of T225
Central Linear Park where Entrance B and C will be located


  1. When is the Golden Bridge scheduled for demolition?

    1. Sorry for the late reply, Shermon.

      The LTA has just released a statement regarding the commencement of the signalized pedestrian crossing beneath the existing Golden Bridge this coming Friday. With the new junction in operation, the bridge will then be closed off. We should expect demolishment works to begin by the first quarter of next year.


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