Friday, 3 October 2014

Havelock Clears

The proposed Havelock Station sits directly beneath a large portion of the Bukit Timah Granite along Zion Road. The volume of rock to be excavated is tremendous; about 180,000 cubic meter of rock is envisioned to be blasted during the excavation of the station - 80% more than that at Woodlands North and 20 times the amount that at Woodlands. As such, we will expect the excavation of the station to be very slow. Similar to Great World, the station will have 3 levels and 5 entrances. Entrances D and E will be linked by an underpass and are located on either sides of Havelock Road. The remaining 3 entrances are located along Zion Road to serve the Bukit Ho Swee estate.

Progress Update
The site office for T221 has recently been completed, and is located at 51A Kim Seng Road. The site is also home to LTA's Thomson Line Civil Team 3's project office. Slope treatments and the felling of trees around the site are underway. 12m high hoardings have also gone up around certain portions of the site.

Northern section of Havelock Station
View from surface level
Project office for Civil Team 3
T221 Site office located behind holiday inn. Great World can be seen in the far right background.
Entrance E will be built along Havelock Road beside the project office

Slope treatment for the main Entrance A
View from the MSCP
Felling of branches
Entrance C will be here, on the same side as Entrance A
Bukit Ho Swee estate that the station will serve
Tiong Bahru estate towards the south west

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