Monday, 13 October 2014

Marina South Hoards Up

Contract T227 is for the construction of Marina South station, twin bored tunnels north to Marina Bay and a section of cut and cover tunnels from Marina South to Gardens By the Bay. Designed to serve a corner of the future development at Marina South, the station is located at an angle parallel to the MCE under the proposed extension of Marina Mall (road). The design takes into consideration the future Singapore Underground Road System (SURS) which will run beneath Marina Mall such that the concourse & platform level would not be obstructing the future road tunnel.

The station will be 20m deep with 4 basements - UPN linkway (B1), Concourse (B2), Mezzanine (B3) and Platform (B4). Entrances A,B and C will be located along Central Boulevard whilst Entrances D and E will be along Marina Boulevard. 5 vent structures will be built for the station.

Hoardings partially hoarded up around an empty field where the station will be
Bored tunnels
An EPB TBMs will be double driven from a launch shaft at Marina South 850m to Marina Bay. The tunnels will be in a semi-stack configuration when it undercrosses part of a designed pile-free zone of the Common Service Tunnel (CST) Phase 3B that has been specially catered for the tunnels to be bored through. 1 semi-stacked cross passage will be built south of the CST intersection. This is the 48th and final CP to be built within the TSL tunnels.

Cut and Cover tunnels
The tunnels connecting Marina South to Gardens by the Bay (GRB) will be constructed fully by open cut. This is for the construction of a cripple siding and crossover track between both stations. 650m long, the C&C portion is also the 5th and final Temporary Staging Area (TSA) site along the line.

Curvature in the site clearing can be seen for the future Cut and Cover tunnels to GRB
Ccontract boundary between T227 and T228
Update Progress
Being under the last batch of contracts to be awarded, minimal site clearing and hoarding works can only be seen at this point in time. Yongnam had also recently been awarded the subcontract for shoring works under T227.

Close up of the site at MRS

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