Friday, 5 September 2014

Woodlands Drive 16 Diverts

As the existing Woodlands Drive 16 cuts through the Woodlands South site, an interim road has been created to go around the site area. The road however has not yet been opened to public. Works are also underway for another road diversion along Avenue 1. The road will be shifted closer to Christ Church Secondary - this is to facilitate the construction of the station's earth retaining stabilizing structure (ERSS).

Northern end of station box where a road diversion for Avenue 1 is being prepared
The woodlands South site office is powered by solar panels. SBAB can be seen at the left background
New junction of Avenue 1/Drive 16
SBAB in the background
The new Woodlands Drive 16 will go around the new site
New Drive 16
Unopened Drive 16
Station box
Bentonite Silos

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