Friday, 19 September 2014

Caldecott Piles

Piling works continue at the Caldecott site. The station's ERSS will be constructed using secant bored piles. Multiple cases are currently being driven into the boundaries of the station box and cripple siding tunnel. Toa Payoh Rise has completed its temporary road diversion, for the construction of the two entrances on both sides of the road. The diversion will remain till Q3 2018. Vibration meters have also been installed within the Circle Line station by Ryobi, the monitoring contractor for T212 & T213.

Prior to the commencement of tunnelling from ULS, Samsung would temporary handover site possession (where the original road aligned) to Sato Kogyo to facilitate ground improvement works for TBM docking. This is expected to take place around the middle of 2015 and last a couple of months.

Toa Payoh Rise coming down from Lorong 1
Diverted Toa Payoh Rise
Aerial view of Caldecott
North face
Mined section of Thomson Cripple Siding (TCS)
Future Entrance C and D on both sides of Toa Payoh Rise

Aerial View of cripple siding tunnel, station box and future entrances

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