Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Piling at Woodlands

Following the groundbreaking, South Woodlands Drive has seen a road diversion. To date, a total of 7 crawler cranes and 6 piling rigs flood the site. Works are currently being focused on the crossover tunnel which will sit below the existing road junction of Avenue 2/5, hence the need for a future road diversion which can be expected soon after sewer diversions are completed by T2119A.

Under the neighbouring tunnel contract T206, 2 TBMs boring the mainline tunnels from LS2 are planned to dock at this crossover tunnel by the end of next year.

South end of Woodlands Station
East end of Woodlands Station
New hoarding banners featuring the updated line name

August 22
Sewer diversions still on going for a future entrance along avenue 2

Diverted South Woodlands Drive
August 31

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