Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Stevens Clears

Contract T216 is for the construction of Stevens station and 3 sections of twin tunnels. There will be 4 new entrances. Entrances D and C will be located along Whitley Road/Dunearn Road. Entrances A and B will be on either sides of Stevens Road. There were indicative plans to construct a crossover tunnel beside Malcolm Park where the Package C boundaries start, however the A/E consultant did not found it feasible to go with.

Stevens Station. Felled tree stumps can be seen along the road median.
The main site will be under Stevens Road where the station box is located. A second site will be located under the northbound Wayang Satu Flyover for the construction of an escalator shaft. A third site will be located along Dunearn Road, along the walls of the existing SCGS. The underpass beneath the canal linking SCGS to the escalator shaft will be constructed by mining. The station layout has been explained here.

The station will be constructed top-down. In an effort to maximize space. the contractor will immediately backfill and reinstate the road once the roof slab is completed.

A total of 4 slurry TBMs will be procured under this contract. For the tunnels between Mount Pleasant and Stevens, Contract T215 will build a launch shaft south of their site before handing it over to T216. 2 TBMs will launch out of Mount Pleasant and dock at Stevens station.

4 cross passages will be constructed between these 2 stations.

T216 Tunnel Chart
For the tunnels between Stevens and Napier, an independent launch shaft will be build off Dalvey Road. Spectacular, the Dalvey launch shaft will be double cell circular, or better interpreted as a peanut shape - the first of such design ever built here. 2 TBMs will first drive towards Napier, before relaunching back at Dalvey for the second drive to Stevens station.

A cross passage will be integrated into the launch shaft before it is backfilled. The tunnels will go into a stacked configuration upon leaving the launch shaft towards Napier. There will be 1 escape shaft located at the junction of Fernhill Close and Nassim Road. To respect the privacy of residents in the neighbouring homes, we will not be doing updates here.

T216 Site Office located off White House Road. Earthworks for Dalvey Launch Shaft in the foreground.

Progress Update
The site office has been completed and is located along White House road, in front of the Dalvey launch shaft. The felling of several trees along Stevens Road had also recently be carried out. Earthworks are underway to flatten the site where the launch shaft is situated. SI works are being carried out at Entrance C. The SCGS wall has yet to be relocated. 2 houses will be acquired for the Stevens Road entrances. 2 Robin Close has been acquired and is currently in the process of being demolished. 133 Stevens Road has no signs of work.

Dalvey Launch Shaft
Acquisition of 2 Robin Close for Entrance B

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