Saturday, 27 September 2014

Orchard Boulevard Clears

Contract T218 is for the construction of Orchard Boulevard station. The main contractor KTC has taken possession of the site about 2 months back. The site of the station was previously home to EtonHouse International Pre-School's Orchard Boulevard campus, which has been relocated to Thomson Lane. Site clearing has begun at the station.

There will be 2 entrances for this station. The main entrance will be topped off above the station upon structural completion. The second entrance will be located along Grange Road, near the Traders Hotel, requiring a subway link from the station box. The span of the subway will be built by mining, to eliminate any possible disturbance and diversions to the busy traffic intersection. For the construction of this Entrance B, the existing POB will be demolished. The new bridge will be integrated with entrance B, providing barrier-free accessibility on both sides of the road.

Site Overview
Photo of EtonHouse before demolishment - streetdirectory
Grange Road
Entrance B 

Future subway link would see the trees here being felled

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