Monday, 1 September 2014

Woodlands North Earthworks

Woodlands North station sits on one of the most hilly terrains across the island. As such, terracing works are needed to flatten the existing land before structural works can begin. The granite obtained from the blasting works during the earthworks and excavation process will be recycled into composites for concrete to be used back when constructing the station, in the effort to minimize project cost. 

The cut and cover portion for the contract is extremely long (750m) due to the presence of a north and south crossover, as well as an abutting overrun tunnel for the Changi Bound track which will be constructed beyond Admiralty Road West. A road diversion will be needed.

Aerial view of Woodlands North 

Bored tunnels will follow St 81 before docking at Woodlands
Elevation contrasts 
South crossover tunnel

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