Thursday, 25 September 2014

Piling at Napier

Piling works have commenced for the launch shaft at Napier. The rigs and cranes at this site will be fitted with acoustic enclosures due to the sensitivity of noise from the surrounding developments. The bus stop opposite Gleneagles Hospital has been temporary relocated further east on Sep 14. A new bus bay can also be seen along the Eastbound road. The 2 bus bays are adjacent to each other along both sides of the road, and will be linked by a temporary POB. We can expect the new bridge to come up by year end.

Once the old bridge has been demolished, a staged traffic diversion would begin to take place.

The launch shaft will be constructed where the 3 crawler cranes are centralised.
Works outside Gleneagles Hospital. A temporary bridge will be constructed further down the road.
The slurry treatment plant would likely be located where the piling rig sits.
The earthworks in the foreground are likely preparations for future traffic diversions

New westbound bus stop
Original bus bay has closed
New bay along the Eastbound road
Trenching works outside Gleneagles

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