Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Stevens D-walls (VI)

Construction of the diaphragm wall continues with around 45 more panels to be constructed for the station and Entrance B. Stevens is the sole station along the Thomson stretch with its earth retaining structure incomplete, and works are targeted to complete by the 4th quarter.

Preparations of the launch shaft structure for the arrival and assembly of the RTBM in Q3

Rails constructed for the gantry crane over the launch shaft
Entrance D
Entrance C base RC works
Tunnel eye for RTBM
Casting of tunnel eye structure

Jacking wall

Center shaft works beneath southbound flyover

Steel suspended deck over canal for grouting
Excavation of escalator shaft beneath northbound flyover

Station d-walling
Trenching of panel 50

Entrance A
Overview of station box, with TBM 4 dismantling at the south end of the station box
Dismantling of TBM 4 beneath Stevens Road

Backup gantries retrieved from the tunnel. Replacement shields transported to the launch shaft from the Evans Road storage site
New cutterhead

TBM 3 at Ring 122, which has been stuck in the full face rock condition and settlement encounters since the beginning of the year.
LS10. TBM 1 at R310, TBM 2 at R220. Both machines are now beneath the PIE


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