Sunday, 2 July 2017

Mount Pleasant Cast (II)

Structure of the station is proceeding up at the Mezzanine level. TBM S-936 had been re-lowered into the launch shaft in May for the commencement of tunnelling works on the Woodlands bound tunnel.

Mount Pleasant Station
Concourse slab for station cast around entrance B from GL12-16

Entrance B

Entrance A
Casting of M&E service rooms at the north end of the mezzanine level

S-936 reassembled for the Woodlands Bound drive due to start this month
TEL 3 Tunnel Chart, June 2017
Cradle positioned at tunnel eye (Photo: Narayan, May 2017)
Lowering of cutterhead
Tandem lift (Photo: David, May 21)
Lowering of front shield

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