Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Marina South - TBM Assembly

The 38th and final TBM for the Thomson stretch of the line has finally been lowered and is being assembled at the launch shaft. The CREG EPBM will drive the 750m Woodlands Bound tunnel towards Marina Bay first. Structure of the station continues to be cast, with installation of rebar ongoing at the roof slab level at the highest point. 

Marina Boulevard has been realigned back for shoring and excavation works to proceed for the interconnecting section between the station and cut and cover tunnel. Realignment of Marina Grove is being prepared for similar works to be carried out at the T228 interface.

Marina South Station
TBM storage area cleared after housing the TBM for 15 months

Set of temporary ring segments for the initial drive on site
TBM assembled for the Woodlands bound drive

Casting of roof slab

Excavation works at Entrance D

Realignment of Marina Boulevard

Excavation works for cut and cover tunnel beneath road decking

Cut and cover tunnel site

Tunnel roof slab completed

Preparations for diversion of Marina Grove
Backfilling and extraction of pipe piles near T228 interface
Drainage diversion works
Walkway and pavement construction along diverted stretch

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