Sunday, 16 July 2017

Shenton Way Excavation (II)

Structure of the station has now progressed to the underplatform level of the Changi bound platform. Conversion to main drives are underway for both TBMs.

Shenton Way station

TBM 1 beneath MC street (9% completed)
Lowering of pipes for pipe jacking works at the EWL protection shaft
4 of 6 50m-long pipes completed, will support the EWL tunnels from below as prior to the TBM passing

Casting of UPN level above concourse

Plantroom level

Upper underplatform level cast
Casting works at upper underplatform level along trackbed

Transfer beam for concourse to lower platform escalators at the upper underplatform level
Excavation works to the lower platform level

Bored piling and ground improvement works at linkway
Demolishment of temporary monsoon drain

TBM 1 20% completed, conversion to main drive underway

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