Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Gardens By The Bay - TBM Reassembly

Tunnelling works for the Woodlands bound tunnel has completed from Gardens by the Bay station to the Marina East shaft, where the TBM has U-turned and commenced the second drive back towards the station. RC structure of the station is progressing between the platform and concourse levels.

Completed 700m long Woodlands bound tunnel beneath the Marina Channel
TBM Breakthrough at GBME shaft at the end of Q2
TBM has U-turned within the shaft for the drive back to the station for the Changi bound tunnel
GBME shaft and T302 works

[T302] DCM works along bored tunnel route between Marina East and GBME
[T302] Marina East station
GRB Entrance C
Casting of roof slab at opening facade

Casting of subway external walls at concourse level
GRB station

Casting of platform level

Casting of platform

Concourse level cast at west end of station
Casting of external walls at concourse level

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