Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Woodlands North Cast (IV)

Casting of the concourse slab at the station is largely completed and structural works are progressing up to the roof level of the station. The south crossover tunnel is completed and filling works are taking place to the roof level. Structural works on the overrun tunnel are underway.

Filling works at the completed south crossover tunnel
Long arm excavators enclosing the structure with earth
RC works for the station service rooms and wall at concourse level leading up to the roof level 

RC works for service room and ventilation shafts at the south end of the concourse level
Tunnel ventilation fan room at the south end of the concourse level

Escalators 7-10 opening in concourse slab to platform level
Roof structure reinforcement works around GL11-14
Overview of concourse free area
Overview of station box 
Concourse slab being cast over the platform M&E service area at north end of station
Partial completion of north cut and cover tunnel structure adjacent to station (foreground) and overrun tunnel (background), filling works proceeding
T202 site

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