Friday, 30 June 2017

Upper Thomson Excavation

D-walling works for the station was completed earlier this quarter and the associated silos have been dismantled. Bored piling works for the station's foundation are taking place at the south side of the station, while excavation works on the north end has reached the concourse level.

Bored piling works around entrance D

JGP, WSM and bored piling works
Excavation works at Entrance C
Bentonite silo storage dismantled
Concourse slab cast

Excavation works to the concourse level

Diversion of Soo Chow Garden Rd away from the station box

Pipe jacking works for subway in progress
Piling works at entrance B

Tunnelling works at ULS

TBM 1 relaunched on its initial drive to Upper Thomson Station (Changi bound)
Backup gantry connected on the surface

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