Tuesday, 13 June 2017

Woodlands Cast (III)

Casting of the concourse level is midway completed across the station box, while excavation works at Entrance F, G and the subway link within the bus interchange have commenced.

T203 Woodlands site
Excavation of crossover tunnel at S4

Commencement of excavation at entrance F

Excavation commencement at entrance G

Void for platform to concourse escalators and elevator towards subway
Void for platform to concourse escalators towards bus interchange
Completed concourse slab over the platform paid area
Extent of completed concourse slab between GL10-20
Tunnel structure RC works at the T202 TBM interface
Unpaid link to bus interchange from concourse (subway 1)
Shoring and excavation works within the former bus interchange for the 8m trench to subway 1

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