Sunday, 7 May 2017

May Tunnel Progress

Tunnelling works for Stage 1 of the line will be completed by next month with the final 100m long Woodlands bound tunnel being driven between LS2 and Woodlands South station. Concurrently, the twin TBMs from Springleaf will breakthrough at the RTS Facility Building, completing the longest mainline drives (2km) under the TEL project.

TEL 1&2 Tunnel Chart, May 2017
T206: Completed Changi Bound tunnel between LS2 and WDS under the second drive of TBM 4
T206: TBM 4 launched on April 17 for third and final drive between LS2 and WDS for Woodlands bound tunnel
T206: TBM has advanced about 26 rings, completing half the tunnel drive
T206: Completion of CP4 linking the maineline tunnels beneath Innova JC. RT1 runs just above the cross passage structure
T207: Breakthrough of TBM 4 in March. TBM 1 and TBM 2 are about 100m from breakthrough, advancing 2 rings a day in rock sub-terrain conditions (Photo: LTA)
T209: Jacking of TBM 1 into launching position at the tunnel eye at 5XO in April for Changi bound drive to Mayflower
T211: TBM 4 is over 90% completed with the Woodlands bound tunnel drive from Bright Hill, and will breakthrough into the Mayflower Station structure (Photo: LTA)
T212 (Photos by Panupong Chamma): Bearing of TBM 1 being retrieved from the first drive
Man lock being retrieved
Empty shell of the initial TBM is left in-site, docked outside the Upper Thomson Station
Assembly of the second drive for TBM 1 on the Changi bound drive
Lowering of front shield
Cutterhead lowering
Heavy lifting of TBM 1 completed in end April
T213: Progress of 3 arched mined tunnels (Photo: LTA)
T220: Initial drive of slurry TBM towards Havelock (Photo: LTA)
T221: RC works for underpass base within the RTBM-bored structure (Photo: LTA)
T226: Breakout of the open-shield rectangular TBM for the second and final adit tunnel at Marina Bay (Photo: LTA)
T228: Main drive of TBM 1 midway beneath the Marina Channel (Photo: LTA)

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