Saturday, 17 June 2017

TEL1 Tunnelling Completes

Bored tunnelling works have completed this month under Stage 1 of the project between Woodlands North, Mandai Depot and the Sembawang Airbase cut and cover tunnel site. 12 tunnel drives were launched using 3 Earth Pressure Balance machine 4 Slurry TBMs which bore through the weathered Bukit Timah Granite to complete the 8km network of mainline and reception tunnels beneath Woodlands.

For most of the tunnels, the basic structural completion (BSC) have already been achieved with the first stage concreting (FSC) for the track bed, together with brackets installation for the various SWC. Trackworks are slated to commence through the tunnels by the end of 2017, with the remaining SWCs gaining access from the 2nd half of 2018.

Mandai Depot Stabling Yard
Rail Administrative Building - Superstructure cast

Casting of load center 2

Manual train wash
Structure completed for automatic train wash
Sheltered connection between Rail Administration and Main Workshop

Trackworks progress leading from test track, locomotive workshop and stabling yard

Trackworks into Permanent way workshop
Substation fit out works
Cladding works completed at the permanent way workshop

Construction of permanent overhead link bridges between the various workshops
RC works at the ancillary building 3
RC works in progress at the main workshop
Roof structure and wall cladding at the main workshop (north end)
Trackworks leading to load center 1

Construction of the tunnel ventilation fan building and concreting of track bed

Filling works in progress around the portal
TEL1 & TEL2 Tunnel Chart, June 2017

ES2 and SBAB worksite
Reinstatement of landscape completed
ES2 structural outline

ES2 structure

Refurbished TBMs being stored for use on the upcoming Mumbai Metro
Casting work at SBAB

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