Thursday, 15 September 2016

Upper Thomson - Canal Diversion

The canal running parallel to the station has been diverted and demolishment of the canal is taking place along the diverted stretch of the northbound carriageway. The 3rd traffic diversion will be fully implemented upon the completion of bored pile works at the center of the station box, following which the demolishment and backfilling of the remaining stretch of canal, together with the crucial diaphragm wall works would take place.

A heavy-duty crane is currently being assembled at the Upper Thomson Launch Shaft, awaiting the arrival and subsequent lowering of TBM 3 next Friday. TBM 1 has completed its initial drive and is transitioning to its main drive. TBM 2 is on its initial drive to Caldecott.

Completion of canal diversion and demolishment of former canal in progress
Diversion of northbound carriageway for demolishment works of canal 

Pipe jacking works underway for subway construction

Upper Thomson Launch Shaft
Assembly of the heavy-duty crane at the Upper Thomson Launch Shaft for the lifting of TBM 3 (ULS)

Delivery of RC lining segments

TBM 2 launched and on initial drive for the Changi bound tunnel to Caldecott
TBM 1 in the midst of transitioning to main drive for Woodlands bound tunnel to Upper Thomson
TBM 1 backup gantry

Location of TBM 1 approx 100m ahead of the shaft

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