Thursday, 29 September 2016

Orchard Cast (II)

D-walling works for the project have been fully completed at the cut and cover tunnel ahead of schedule and excavation works have commenced there. Basement casting of the concourse slab is taking place at the station box. A major traffic realignment is being prepared at the Orchard/Paterson intersection for the underpass works.

Completed roof slab at Orchard station

Underpinning works beneath ION orchard and existing NSL station

Construction of underpass beneath Orchard Boulevard traffic diversion (Photo credit: LTA, June 2016)
Preparations for traffic realignment at the Paterson road junction. Road medians have demolished and surfaced with asphalt
TBM S-963 is transitioning to main drive with the backup gantries lowered

Casting of the concourse slab underway

Completion of diaphragm wall for the cut and cover tunnel

Storage yard for tunnel segments
Demobilization of d-wall grab
Excavation of topsoil at the cut and cover tunnel

Ground improvement works

T220 interface

C&C tunnel overview

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