Monday, 5 September 2016

S-893 Reassembly

Having completed the Changi Bound tunnel from LS2 to Woodlands, the re-assembly of S-893 (TBM 1) is taking place at LS1 for the RT3 tunnel drive to Woodlands Station. The TBM is expected to launch next month and breakthrough by mid-2017. TBM 3 has been retrieved from Mandai Depot and is held at the surface of LS2, awaiting to be reassembled for the Changi bound tunnel drive to Woodlands South Station.

Launch Shaft 1/ ES1

Reassembly of S-893 and reaction frame within the shaft

Retrieved TBM 3 shield and cutterhead at LS2
Tunnelling works on the Changi Bound tunnel to Woodlands still underway (S-894, left shaft)
Permanent drain base slab works at ES2

RC wall construction on going at Sembawang Airbase C&C tunnel
Spare TBM 5 shield on the shaft surface for the re-drive RT2 tunnel to Mandai Depot
TBM 4 on its initial drive (RT1 to Mandai Depot)

Breakthrough point at Mandai Depot

Mandai Depot

Casting works for the stabling yard and perimeter wall

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