Sunday, 11 September 2016

Lentor Excavation (III)

The remaining diaphragm wall panels have been completed at the Lentor station and excavation for the basement roof slab for the second stage of zone 2, and zone 3 are in progress and will be cast by the 4th quarter. Bulk excavation works are progressing at zone 1.

TBM 1 has completed conversion to its main drive and is now under the intersection of Avenue 9. TBM 2 was just launched last month and is on it's initial drive to 5XO.

Excavation for the RC construction of the basement roof slab
Excavation of the second stage at zone 2 (photo: Ricardo)
A temporary lane closure has been implemented along Lentor drive to facilitate the excavation works due to space constraints

Rebar preparations for RC works
Excavation works on going

Excavation beneath the base slab at zone 1

Excavation at zone 1 (photo cr: Arnel)

Excavation works at Calrose entrance

TBM 2 (Woodlands Bound) initial drive startup
Progress of T209 TBMs from Lentor to 5XO
5XO site

Excavation completed at northern zone, RC works in progress for base slab
Excavation and strutting on going at zone 2
Excavation works on going at south zone

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