Saturday, 10 September 2016

Tagore Cast (III)

TBM C was relaunched in July. The removal of the temporary rings and reaction frame at the lauch shaft last month completes the TBM's conversion to its main drive. TBM B is now halfway through its tunnel drive to Springleaf and under the Seletar Expressway. The concourse slab at Tagore has been cast.

TBM B and TBM C2 progress as of September 8

Concourse slab cast at Tagore
Formwork for the concourse slab in July

Main drives underway for the final 2 TBMs to Springleaf station
Removal of TBM loco rails for the First Stage Concrete (FSC) work in the tunnels. The remaining tunnel segments held at the shaft surface will be installed within the shield of the abandoned TBM upon reaching of the formation level at Lentor 

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