Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Stevens D-walls (III)

D-walling works continue at the Stevens station, with a partial realignment of the northbound carriageway in November for the construction of the diaphragm wall in the center of the road. Piling works continue for the pipe jacking machine launching shaft at SCGS.

Over at the Mount Pleasant launch shaft, the Changi-bound TBM has completed assembly within the shaft and is likely in the midst of finalizing the electrical components - resulting in a delay faced by its sister machines at T208. The Woodlands-bound TBM is in the process of assembly at the completed Dalvey launch shaft.

Lowering of the NFM slurry TBM at the Dalvey Launch Shaft - December 21

Installation of the STP

TBM cradle installed at the Woodlands-bound side

Tunnel eye opening for the Woodlands bound shaft in both directions (Site photos cr: Panuwat Fongon)
Completed eye installation & cradle installation

Acceptance of the 4th and final slurry TBM for T216 at the NFM assembly line earlier this month
TEL3 Tunnel Chart, December 2015
Mount Pleasant launch shaft

Gantry crane assembled


Stevens station

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