Sunday, 6 December 2015

Mandai Depot & T206 (II)

Tunnelling works on the mainline tunnels between LS2 and WDL are progressing well. S-893 has successfully completed the 3-week long installation of the backup gantries during the transition from the initial to main drive, and has now advanced over 70 rings. S-894 has advanced 11 rings from the launch shaft. A gantry crane has been installed over the ES1/LS1 prior to the lowering of the EPB TBM last month. The backup gantries site beneath the portal crane over the shaft, while the machine is being assembled beneath.

The entire SBAB C&C structure has reached the formation level and casting works are underway to cast the base slab. The second of STEC'S EPB pre-assembled machine has been delivered to the launch shaft and will likely commence the first drive along the reception tunnels judging from the soil investigation and preparatory works along the reception tunnel route.

The T206 team recently celebrated their 2 million accident free man-hours.

Portal crane and backup gantries in preparations of tunnelling works at LS1

Assembly of the EPB machine

Tunnelling progress for the T206 project (indicative alignment)
Preparations to divert Drive 17 likely for soil improvement works along the reception tunnel 1&2

Ground investigation above the RT1/2 alignment

Preassembled TBM and reaction frame at SBAB

Photo Cr: Henry Ho (STEC)
Mandai Depot

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