Tuesday, 9 December 2014

POB Progresses @ Napier

Following the successful beam launching works back in October, works to finish up the temporary POB have proceeded on with the completion of the bridge's roof as well as the staircase along the town-bound road. The bus stop at Gleneagles was relocated last month as well. The staircase on the opposite side near the US embassy is still being constructed.

Piling works continues to go on at the launch shaft and exit. 12m high hoardings are also being erected in front of Gleneagles where the former bus bay locates.

Progress of the temporary steel POB
Former bus bay has been demolished at Gleneagles where the 12m high noise barriers are being installed
Piling works continue at the launch shaft
Temporary town-bound bus stop with adequate covered linkways constructed

The opposite bridge landing is slightly more complex as the design incorporates the slope elevation

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