Thursday, 25 December 2014

Springleaf - Preparations to Divert

At the Springleaf site, construction of the ERSS on the west end of the station has completed. The project team is now preparing to stage a traffic diversion along Upper Thomson Road to construct the remaining portion of the station's retaining wall which lies below the existing road. This impending diversion is expected to be a permanent-temporary one, whereby it will last through most of the duration of the project. The diversion should take place within the next 2 months.

Due to the presence of a launch shaft at the north end that needs to be constructed and handed over to Shimizu of the neighboring contract T207, there is an urgency for the shaft to be done up swiftly. The handover is anticipated to take place around the middle of next year.

D-walling & Piling activities back in October
Preparations to divert Upper Thomson Road (Dec 22)
October 8
October 8

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