Monday, 15 December 2014

Woodlands North Terraced

Penta Ocean has almost completed flattening the hill and a little valley has been paved where the rail structure is to be built beneath. The slope along the hills have been terraced into sections with much resemblance to the Caldecott site which shares a similar terrain. Piling works have commenced at the launch shaft by the contractor, while preliminary soil investigation works have begun along the tunnel route from WDN to WDL station.

Kawasaki will be supplying Penta Ocean's Contract T202 with 2 slurry TBMs for the drives from Woodlands North to Woodlands Station, while Pigott Shaft Drilling will supply the slurry treatment plants for the 2 machines.

Woodlands North Site

SI works along the southbound tunnel route, opposite Republic Poly near the launch shaft

Piling at Launch Shaft

Signing of STP contract between Adam Beeby of PSD (left) and T202 Penta Ocean

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