Sunday, 30 November 2014

Spring Street Closes

Spring Street which serves as an in-going lane to Kreta Ayer Heights, will be temporarily closed from tomorrow onwards. As the road sits directly above the future Maxwell Station, the closure is necessary so that ERSS, excavation, casting works and movement of rigs and materials can be carried out swiftly with minimal disruption to the project.

The road will be reinstated towards the end of Q4 2018 when the station is expected to have been backfilled. During this interim, motorists will have to use Banda Street as a sole option of entering Kreta Ayer Heights. This is the second road closure under the T223 project following Dickenson Hill.

Rebars for the Diaphragm Wall lying on the site
Closed Spring St beside the completed T223 Site office
Spring St Carpark undergoing modifications in the background and will reopen by CNY 2015
Looking south down Neil Road
Crawler crane and Hydrofraise 
Closed Spring St
Closed Spring St Carpark

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  1. It is amazing to me how much we depend on construction work as a society. To think that all the large buildings and towers we have are the result of hard work and planning is beyond me. I am just grateful that we have construction workers that are willing to work through any weather to get the job done.
    Cynthia |


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