Saturday, 27 December 2014

Tagore Piles & Excavates

Tagore is currently leading in progress due to the large number of equipment brought in by Leighton-John Holland. The ERSS along the south side of the station and launch shaft has completed and excavation works have begun, with the first layer of struts have been installed. Ground treatment works are being done beside the launch shaft as well. Piling works continue at the north side and a desander plant is being constructed next to the Tagore site office.

NFM Technologies has been chosen as the manufacturer to supply 3 Slurry TBMs for T208. Upon completion of the first tunnel towards Lentor, 1 machine will be redriven in the direction of Springleaf. Pigott Shaft Drilling shall supply the slurry treatment plants for the 3 slurry shield machines.

9 piling rigs, 3 crawler cranes and a mobile crane mobilized at the Tagore site
Mock up of 1 one of the 3 NFM Slurry TBMs to be used for T208
King posts, runner beams and diagonal struts being installed at the south launch shaft - Mohd Iskander Jack

Signing of STP contract between Adam Beeby of PSD (centre) and T208 Leighton-JH

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