Friday, 24 March 2017

Stevens D-walls (V)

The second portion of the stage 3 traffic diversion works had been implemented along Stevens Road last week, allowing for the construction of the remaining half of the station's diaphragm wall. Excavation works have commenced at Entrance C&D. 

The project's first tunnel completion for the 300m southbound tunnel between Dalvey LS and the station is due next week (TBM 4). Lack of soil profile understanding beneath private properties and portions of unfavorable geological conditions are hindering the tunnel progress towards Napier, as well as between Mount Pleasant and Stevens station.

Commencement of excavation works at Entrance C&D & Rectangular TBM launch shaft

Works at center shaft

Cofferdam construction for canal H-pile extraction

Escalator shaft roof slab construction
Stage 3B traffic diversion implemented this month
Flexible pavement, signal and signage replacement works leading up to the traffic diversion last week
Decommissioning of previous traffic alignment phase
Closure of slip road

Bored pile works at Entrance A

Pavement hacking
Closure of Robin Close

D-wall panel construction on southbound side

Overview of T216 station & entrance site
Launch shaft 10 at Mount Pleasant (TBM 1 at R254 approaching PIE, TBM 2 at R162 beneath detention ctr) 
TBM 4 at 300m advanced into the main drive towards Stevens, with 10 rings balance from completion (expected by month end) / TBM 3 at R108

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