Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Bright Hill Excavation

Excavation works are in full swing at the station box. RC roof of the north cut and cover tunnel has also been cast. Main drive of the 4 TBMs are progressing and should be completed from the end of Q3 2017 onwards.

Excavation works in full swing at the station box

Tunnelling works towards Upper Thomson. TBM 2 is at the intersection near flame tree park now.
TBM 1 is about 30% completed and TBM 2 50% completed
POB beam dismantling along Upper Thomson Road for TBM 1 and TBM 2 drive (Photo: Asiagroup crane, Jan 17)
7th bridge to be demolished under TEL1-3 project

Excavation works commencing at the south side of the station

Entrance C excavation to concourse level reached and base slab RC works being prepared

Casting work

Roof slab completed at north cut and cover tunnel
Casting of tunnel wall at north cut and cover tunnel (December 2016)

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