Thursday, 9 March 2017

Piling at Upper Thomson (II)

Diaphragm wall structure for the station is finishing up and construction of the roof slab is being done. TBM 1 has completed its first drive to Upper Thomson station and relaunch for the second drive is being prepped.

D-wall, bored pile, JGP, WSM and excavation works for roof slab construction taking place concurrently at Upper Thomson

Pipe jacking shaft
Diverted drain

Shoring and excavation along completed d-wall panel
Excavation to roof slab level at entrance A

Wet soil mixing

Bored pile works 
D-wall works at entrance D

Entrance C

Completed Woodlands bound tunnel between ULS and UTS

First drive of TBM 1 completed towards Upper Thomson (bottom left). Craddle installed for relaunch on Changi bound tunnel (top left)
Segment yard for TBM 2 and TBM 3, progress is about 20% completed
Replacement shields and cutterhead of TBM 1
Removal of backup car no.9 (Photo: Panupong Chamma, Mar 13)
Backup car 7 (Photo: Panupong Chamma, Mar 13)
Backup gantries retrieved at the shaft surface (Photo: Panupong Chamma, Mar 13)

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