Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Mandai Depot - TBM 3 Second Breakthrough

Tunnelling works for the T206 project are wrapping up with 8 of the 10 bored tunnels completed. Cross passage excavation and the first stage concreting works are taking place within the tunnels. Structural, fittings and trackworks are progressing at the depot.

Stabling Yard nearing structural completion

Rail administration building cast

Structure for the manual trainwash completed
 RC works for the automatic trainwash nearly completed (right)
Trackwork progress leading to the locomotive workshop

Fitting works at substation and permanent way workshop

RC columns for main workshop completed, structural steel roof work being carried out

CTCI staging ground

Load center structure completed
Wastewater treatment & ancillary building
RC works for tunnel portal and ventilation fan
Breakthrough of TBM 3 at Mandai Depot in January, completing the Reception Tunnel 1 (RT1)
Sembawang Airbase
Initial drive of TBM 5 for the RT2 drive

Balance segments for TBM 5
Realignment of Woodlands Ave 12 at ES2 completed

Third replacement shield for TBM 4
Dismantling works for TBM 4 being done at the completed Changi bound tunnel towards WDS
The third drive will be done for the parallel Woodlands bound tunnel (right) by the 2nd quarter of this year

S-893 drive towards Woodlands on the RT3 tunnel presumably completed with the launch shaft cleared with slurry pipes and tunnel segments
Dismantling of the STP should be underway in due course

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