Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Stevens Diverts (II)

The stage 2 traffic diversion was successfully implemented along Stevens road at the beginning of June. The diverted northbound carriageway goes over the complete diaphragm wall panels and roof slab on the west side of the station. More than a third of the 155 diaphragm wall panels for the station perimeter have completed, and works on the diaphragm wall and utility diversions are now being carried out beneath the road.

D-walling works on the south end of the station box following the implementation of the stage 2 traffic diversion

Ground improvement works at the escalator shaft

D-walling works at entrance D&E

Launch shaft 10 at Mount Pleasant
RC segments for the tunnel drive

TBM 1 and TBM 3
TBM 1 on its initial drive with temporary rings installed 

TBM 3 which is still in the midst of fit up works

Dalvey launch shaft
An acoustic enclosure in the midst of construction over the launch shaft

Delivery of segments

TBM 4 in the midst of assembly works
Works at Cross Passage 2A

Works at CP2/Escape shaft

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