Thursday, 23 June 2016

Shenton Way Cast

Excavation of LS3 have commenced within the Shenton Way station, of which the bored pile works are still progressing. The roof slab is being prepared for sequential casting and rebar installation is in progress. TBM 2 has commenced its initial drive at LS4 following the commencement of tunnelling works earlier this month.

Top-down view of the station box with its roof slab progressively being constructed concurrent with the bored pile foundation works

Excavation works at launch shaft 3

Excavation works at MC street for EWL tunnel underpinning
Rebar works for roof slab
Bored pile works

Driving of king post

Eventual dismantling of the bentonite silos following the completion of the earth retaining wall & foundation works

Connection of backup gantries to TBM 2

Launch of TBM 2 at the start of June
Photo credits: Chalermdech
Initial drive has commenced 
TEL3 Tunnel Chart, June 2016

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