Sunday, 5 June 2016

Mandai Depot - TBM 3 Breakthroughs

The first Earth Pressure Balance TBM for the line broke through the retrieval point north of Mandai Depot last Saturday, completing the reception tunnel 3 drive from the launch shaft 1 (LS1). This is the fifth bored tunnel to be lined for the line, and is also the shallowest breakthrough point in the MRT construction history due to the unique utilization of TBMs for the construction of the reception tunnels leading to an at-grade depot.

Retrieval of the machine is underway for the subsequent tunnel drives from LS2 to Woodlands South station. Herrenknecht slurry machine S-893, together with TBM 5 for the Changi Bound drive from LS2 to Woodlands station and SBAB to Woodlands South station have completed similarly.

Lowering and installation of cradle for the retrieval of TBM 3 at Mandai Depot

TEL1/2 Tunnel Chart, June 2016

Breakthrough of TBM 3 on May 28 (Photo cr: Kaliribin)

Completed reception tunnel drive 3 (looking towards LS1)
Completed reception tunnel drive 3 from LS1


Grouting along RT1 and RT2 for TBM 4 and 5
Mandai Depot

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