Sunday, 12 June 2016

Bright Hill Diverts

Secant bored pile works and excavation continues at the Bright Hill station. The project's first TBM was lowered down the south launch shaft for the woodlands bound tunnel towards Upper Thomson earlier this month. Both STPs are in the midst of construction at the 2 launch shafts.

Traffic realignment of Sin Ming Avenue/Walk implemented end-April 2016

South launch shafts with STP under construction to the left

Tunnel eye construction
Lowering of front shield

Top down excavation of the station box
Changi bound launch shaft towards Mayflower

Tunnel eye and STP for the woodlands bound tunnel at the north launch shaft

Replacement POB columns in construction at AMK Avenue 3 for the bored tunnels to Mayflower
Works to complete by the next quarter
Completion of ground improvement works beneath Block 258 and reinstatement works are underway
Works at The Windsor along Upper Thomson road for the bored tunnels to Upper Thomson

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