Sunday, 6 September 2015

T207 Excavation

Excavation works commenced at the RTS Facility Building site last month. At the escape shaft site, excavation has reached the formation level and the adit tunnel connecting the ES to the future mainline tunnels are being excavated, way in advance of the tunnel drive.

Ground Improvement Works
Shimizu have commenced ground improvement works above CP5 and CP6 along Mandai Road (near Meng Suan Road) ahead of the commencement of tunnelling between Springleaf and the RTS FB. Ground improvement works by the contractor have also started beside the Springleaf launch shaft.

Excavation at the RTS Facility Building
June 28 (Cr: Ngwe Than)
June 28 (Cr: Ngwe Than)
June 28 (Cr: Ngwe Than)
July 26 - Boring works for king post (Cr: Ngwe Than)

Installation of king post (Cr: Ngwe Than)

King post installation (Cr: Ngwe Than)
August 16 - Excavation commencement (Cr: Ngwe Than)

August 23 (Photo Cr: Ngwe Than)

August 30 (Cr: Ngwe Than)

September 4

Batch plant opposite the RTS facility building believed to be recycling aggregates from the rock excavation around Woodlands
Escape shaft site
Excavation is currently underway for the adit tunnel (beneath the SLE) to connect to the future mainline tunnels
(Springleaf) Ground improvement works by Shimizu at the contract boundary of T207/T208

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