Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Lentor Cast

Lentor Station will be adopting the top-down construction method. The basement roof slab of Zone 1A was successfully concreted at the start of this month. Timelapse of the rebar installation throughout the past month is included below.

Excavation works for the launch shaft has reached the S3 layer and is nearly completed. The slurry treatment plant is also in the midst of assembly works.

Lentor Station

Casting of the station's roof slab on Sep 4

Photo Credits: Richard R. Cantila

Assembly of the STP

Excavation of the launch shaft

Microtunnelling for Sewer Diversion


Excavation works have commenced north of the 5XO site. Works on the diaphragm wall at the south end are on track for completion by year end.

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