Friday, 4 September 2015

Mandai Depot & T206

Excavation works progresses along the cut and cover structures along the T206 project.

Launch Shaft 1 & 2
The Changi Bound TBM has completed assembly works within the adit tunnel of LS2 and will launch by the middle of this month. Excavation of LS1 has completed and the team is now blasting the horizontal section on both ends for the adit tunnel. The depot-bound STEC EPBM is slated to commence tunnelling along RT3 by the end of the year.

SBAB C&C & Escape Shaft 2
The ES2 structure now has the entire S1 layer shored along its entire length. The north launch shafts at the Sembawang Airbase C&C tunnel has now been excavated down about 20 meters, close to the formation level with an approximate reduced level of 95.000. The gantry cranes have been installed around the launch shafts, and tunnelling here should commence by year end with the TBMs arriving and assembling in the 4th quarter.

Mandai Depot
Columns along the north end of the stabling area are currently being cast. The structure will feature 45 parallel tracks, more than thrice the width that of the Downtown Line's Gali Batu Depot. Each track will accommodate for 2 x 4 passenger cars to effectively house the entire fleet of the 43km Thomson-East Coast line. The depot has been intentionally over-designed for future fleet expansions should the need arises.

Mandai Depot, T201

Columns and footings for the stabling area structure

Escape Shaft 2


Sembawang Airbase C&C
Assembled gantry cranes south of the shafts
Excavation is down to about 20m now

LS1 & LS2

Backup gantries for S-894

S-893 (right) inserted into the Changi bound adit tunnel. S-894 (left) is still being assembled.
Launch Shaft 1 and completed shed for the slurry treatment plant to the right
The shaft opening was covered for the rock blasting of the adit tunnel on August 31, 3pm

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