Monday, 26 January 2015

Shenton Way D-walls

D-walling works commences at the Shenton Way Station. Several ancillary works are also underway to facilitate the construction of the station and bored tunnels.

Drain Diversion
An existing drain runs north-south beneath Asia Square 2, cutting across the proposed station box. East of Asia Square, sheet piling works are on going along the future Central Linear Park for the new temporary box culvert drain. The curvature in the canal design takes into consideration the existing showroom of the Marina One, as well as to avoid the future 2 station entrances along the park that will be constructed under the very same project. The drain will be reinstated at the end of the project.

Demolishment of Golden Bridge
A new signalized junction of Shenton Way & McCallum Street had been operational since December 12 to replace the Golden Bridge which is in the process of demolishment. The demolishment works have already commenced earlier this month, with completion slated by February 22. During this interim, several full-day lane closures along Shenton Way and McCallum Street will be implemented.

T225 Shenton Way
Temporary 8m box culvert monsoon drain diversion

Installation of sheet pile

Demolishment of Golden Bridge

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