Thursday, 22 January 2015

Outram Park D-walls

Activities at the T222 Outram Park site has hyped up with the commencement of the D-walling works for the station. A hydrofraise, along with several crawler cranes and rebar cages scatters the site floor. The silt treatment plant is built next to Pearl's Centre.

Along Outram Road, 2 nights of beam launching works were facilitated over the past 2 weekends for the temporary POB that will replace the existing bridge that is to be demolished. The beam segment across the CTE and Cantonment bound carriageway were launched up on January 11 & 18 respectively. This is the third temporary POB to be built for the Thomson Line.

Construction signage, along with interlocking road barriers have been prominently placed around Eu Tong Sen Street and Outram Road, where utility diversions and the felling of small trees are currently taking place. The mentioned works seen around the corner of the two road's intersection are preparatory to facilitating future traffic diversions - for the construction of the new interchange linkages.

T222 Outram Park
Hydrofraise for the D-walling works
Temporary POB across Outram Road
Prism installed along the columns of the Pearl's Centre
Silt treatment

Works along Eu Tong Sen
Works along Eu Tong Sen
Works along Eu Tong Sen
Felling works along Outram Road

The existing POB before demolishment

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